- Late summer in Irumukeppu -
100x80cm 2007 (Ashibetsu)

- Sunshine -
60x45cm 2009 (Ashibetsu)

  I wondered how I would draw the magnificent view. The subject was the red soil and green plants on cultivated land which slowly stretched up towards Mt. Irumukeppu. Another subject was the intensity of the land. I thought - in the scale of the earth time, the ground moves like water - and just continued painting. The close woods should be contained in the painting. How about the field on this side? If I paint the whole field, it will crash into the extent of the cultivated land. The right half of the field could work with the movement of cultivated land. There was a contrast of red and green from the field, the woods should be in half shadow. They should be off focus. The earth movement should be from right to left. The sky should be spacious. It could show that the place where I painted was high. Don't use thick paint. It should be thin and express the space the light is reflecting in the air. How about the clouds? They should be smaller. The clouds should reflect the movements of the earth. It should flow to the right. I will try to make people feel that the earth keeps going behind the mountains.