- Cliffs - 72x50cm 2009 (Asahikawa)

  I found a cliff behind a rice field that was interesting and started to paint there. I couldn't decide on the clouds. It might have been because the cliff was too present.

  Soon the colour of the rice crops started changing and I decided on visiting the next year. The following year, I came back there to paint and I decided on the clouds on the day. The very next day I came back again to check, and I felt happy about it. My only concern was an old unsophisticated farmer who wasn't there anymore. The year before, he had cut the grass during the mornings so that I could concentrate and paint. He came and talked to me when I took breaks.

  He said that sometimes he was hospitalized. I remembered his back after he said goodbye and walked off. I will go to a different place from the next day on.