- Cape Makka in fog - 53x27cm 2008 (Shakotan)

  I painted Cape Makka in Shakotan from a small observatory at the bottom of a cliff at the cape. I went there several times and I got to know a few people by sight. The place had the best view and could see the sea much further away. Fishermen, their wives, old people who were not fishing anymore came and looked at the sea many times during a day. They climbed up the fence which was there to protect people from falling down, and watched the sea. They made comments such as "More white waves have come since the morning". "The sea will get rough after the rain" etc.

  After it got dark, while I thought I had better tidy up and was looking at my painting, an old man talked to me. "Not yet?" "Not yet. It is hard" I said. He said "The sunrise is beautiful. The sun will rise from between the rocks at the top of the cape. You should come and look". Even though I was not interested in painting a sunrise, I went to see this. While I was waiting for the sunrise, the horizon, a quite bit further from the cape, got lighter. I thought it couldn't be right, but the sun actually rose from there.