- Coromant colony in the morning - 46x23cm 2008 (Erimo)

  I went to Erimo. I left Naka Furano early in the morning, went through Karikachi Pass, Nakasatsunai and Taikicho then along the Pacific Ocean. Then I drove south. Every now and then I stopped at the beach and I finally arrived at Cape Erimo before midday.

  The highlight of the view was the place where the cape was sank in the sea, but there were too many rocks and it seemed not so suitable for painting.

  I found a photo of rocks called "oyako iwa (parents and children rocks)" from the booklet issued from the next town. The rocks looked like parents and kids and they were just above the sea. After a little drive from Cape Erimo, I found a little bay with some rocks and the sea was lapping against the rocks. I liked it there. If the "oyako iwa" was not good, then I could paint here, I thought.

  The "oyako iwa" was an interesting motif, and I walked around looking for a good place. However my heart wasn't moved. I had decided on the little bay and went back there.

  The bay was so little that there was only space for about 10 small boats. There were big rocks on the land side and about 10 small rocks were lined up above the sea level behind the little bay. The landscape had a great balance for a picture. I liked that the bay was not on the map since it was so small.